Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sex Offender in Franklin Square

Superintendent Dr. Tim Lafferty's sent out a notification about the sex offender via post card to the parents of the children in the Franklin Square School District. The post card instructs parents to call the Nassau County Police Dept. @ 516-573-7000 to find out more information on the sex offender. So I called the police dept and they said that they can't tell the residents any information the level 2 sex offender and Lafferty knows that. The police officer also said the Lafferty has the name, address and a picture of the sex offender and that he, as superintendent is allowed too and should distribute amongst the parents in the Franklin Square School District. The police department also said that thanks to Lafferty's post card instead of working they have to answer 100's of calls regarding this matter. I believe there should be a call for Lafferty to resign. His lack of concern for the children of Franklin Square and his repeated poor judgment on this issue is abundantly clear .

If you want to see if a sex offender is your area go to Family Watch Dog
NY State Sex Offender Registry
Note that the registry only tells the public about level 3 offenders!!!!
Parentes for Megan's Law website