Friday, February 03, 2006

Day Laborers in Franklin Square; Shame on the Immigration and Naturalization Service!

The Franklin Square/Elmont Herald printed a story this Tuesday on the day laborer situation in Franklin Square titled, Neighbors: Monitor day laborers. Several things regarding this article bother me.

I have been writing, calling and emailing Ciotti, Suozzi, Alfano and McCarthy offices countless times regarding the day laborer situation. I was finally told, verbally of course by Assemblyman Tom Alfano himself that Nassau tried to move them and create a pick up area at Home Depot and that Catholic Charities of LI sued , yes sued Nassau county(costing you and I, the LEGAL and TAX PAYING residents of Nassau County tax dollars) for infringing on the civil liberties of the illegal day laborers rights to earn a living! The Herald's story neglects to mention that! What makes this all the more ironic is that it is a group of concerned parents from Saint Catherine's that complained. Perhaps they should have marched into the office of the Catholic Charities immigration service in the Diocese of RVC. Catholic Charities immigration services in the Diocese RVC are helping and promoting illegal immigration! (check out Newsday's story)

Another thing about this article that bothers me is that it makes no mention of the situation in front of the BP Station. Over the summer I counted the number of laborers at the corner every morning and on average I counted no less then 60 day laborers at 7a.m. each day!
The BP Station has a brick corner stone bench and a neglected fountain which is a magnate for the day laborers, their garbage and their bodily functions! I have writen BP's corporate office twice requesting that they ask the owner of the station on the corner of Scherer Blvd. and Hempstead Turnpike, remove the corner bench and to clean up or cover the fountain and nothing was ever done by BP corporate or the station owner!

Further more regarding the issue of the NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND legislation, lets face it .This legislation is as bad as bad can get! This legislation should be changed for many reasons. But let's deal with the issue at hand. It should stipulate that it applies to and only to children of parents who are of legal immigration status and are paying income taxes!
Why should you and I, the struggling middle class American on L.I. scrimp and save to pay outrageously high property and school taxes to send our kids to a decent schools while ILLEGAL IMMIGRENTS in illegal housing and working illegally get to send their kids to school in our neighborhood schools for free, subsidized on our tax paying dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!

IF you have issues with any topic I discussed here, I strongly urge you to contact:
Tom Suozzi, County Executive
John Ciotti, Legislator
Tom Alfano, Assemblyman
Carolyn McCarthy, US House Representatives

Write the Editor of the Franklin Square/Elmont Herald at or call at (516)569-4000 ext.240

Express your opinion!!! It's the only way to make a difference!

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