Friday, February 03, 2006

Franklin Square Schools Care more about being sued then protecting our kids!

Every parent in Franklin Square needs to read the article published by the Herald titled:
PARENTS: WE WANT TO KNOW (read this article)
In this article the F.S. District's attorney Bill Cullen states "that the reason why the district has been reluctant to change policy is twofold: The district could be held liable if someone harms the sex offender, and the school is not bound by law to protect children off school grounds."

As a resident of Franklin Square and as a parent, I am outraged and appalled by this statement and you should be too!

Furthermore Superintendent Dr. Tim Lafferty's inherent disrespectful demeanor towards the parents who confronted him regarding his lackadaisical approach on changing this issue was appalling. His apparent lack of concern for the well being of children regardless of their location should cause all the parents of the Sewanhaka School Districts to reflect upon his qualifications to perform his job as a Superintendent of Schools! After all it's exzorbidant salaries to pay incompetent individuals such as Dr. Tim Lafferty that have caused our school taxes to be so high. In other words we pay his salary, and he works for us. Shouldn't our children's safety be his number one concern regardless?

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